Pelican Lakeshore Owners Association


Annual Members Meeting. This year’s Annual Members Meeting has been scheduled for 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, July 27, 2019 at the Orr Community Center (formerly the American Legion Post 480) in Orr, Minnesota. In addition to the meeting, the Association will again host a luncheon for Members immediately following the meeting. An email communication and a USPS mailing will be sent prior to the meeting, asking for an RSVP response for the meeting and luncheon, your interest in serving at the Association’s booth on July 3 in Orr, and your potential interest in volunteering in some other capacity. The official Annual Meeting notice and proxy materials will be sent at a later date. Please click on the Annual Meeting link link for last year’s meeting minutes, Treasurer’s Report, and election results.

Aquatic Invasive Species: AIS Partnership with North St. Louis Soil & Water Conservation District.. The Association has teamed up with North St. Louis Soil and Water Conservation District and other lake associations to bring the fight against aquatic invasive species (AIS) to Pelican Lake. Please refer to the links below and the Recent News and Updates page for more information.

Dues. For calendar year 2019, the Board of Directors established the required annual dues at $15.00 per Member (i.e., $15.00 for each single or entity Membership and $15.00 for each joint Membership). Please support your Association and mail your check for $15, payable to the order of Pelican Lakeshore Owners Association, to P.O. Box 52, Orr, MN 55771. Thank you!

Spam Filters; Address Changes. Please add the Association's email address ( to your "Contacts" folder and/or as an approved email recipient in your spam filters to ensure that email communications actually reach you. Also, please provide us with updated email and mailing address information whenever they change.


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